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About Waxing

Types of personal waxing - Brazilian waxing is when you remove hair from the ‘private’ area for both men and women but leaving a square shape or ‘landing strip’. Hollywood is all hair removed.


Its very intimate but don’t be scared

you want to have a Brazilian / Hollywood its personal but don’t worry, i have treated a lot of people. I respect your modesty and ensure you are as comfortable as possible for the treatment and wont put you in any strange positions.


It doesn’t take too long

although I am very quick Brazilian waxing takes 15 minutes but can take 20 minutes if it is your first time.


The best way to start waxing

you will have some discomfort so its best to do a couple of bikini lines so that you get used to the hair coming out as most clients agree that it is not as bad as they anticipated.


How long before waxing is required again

normally re-growth takes 4-6 weeks but if its your first time its normal to notice a small amount of re-growth in a week or so, its best to have a couple of treatments every 3 weeks so that the hair gets used to the growth cycle. Over a period of time you will start to notice the hair takes longer to grow and it is also thinner which maintains a smooth appearance and lasts longer.

What about if your pregnant

its ok to wax if you are pregnant


After treatment care required

2 -3 days later you should start exfoliating using a loafer and a anti-bacteria wash which contains tea tree. Alternative is to use cooking salt to exfoliate which is a good antiseptic. This helps to minimise the rashes, itchiness, pimples and in-growing hair. If In-growing hair is an issue it will normally occur  on the chest / back or bikini area. Symptoms are small white head pimples or a rash, this is caused by bacteria that enters the open hair follicle which normally lasts for a few days.


24hr rules after treatment:


NO hot shower or hot bath only shower with luke warm water

NO sun bed or fake tan

NO gym or exercise

NO swimming

NO deodorant / body spray

wear loose clothing


Finding a good Brazilian waxer is about as dicey as hunting down the perfect hair stylist. Most of us have lain and gritted our teeth through waxes that would make a grown man weep, moaned to friends when we’re left feeling robbed of our cash and remained silent and smiled when asked if we're happy with the finished product when we're really, really not – not anymore !


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