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 A  luxury well-being brand that harnesses the essence of the sea.These unique facial and body treatments  benefit from powerful healing, revitalizing and re-balancing properties. They target any facial concerns including  anti-ageing,hydrating,purifying and much more, whilst immersing you in a cocoon of luxury.






 Each of these treatments all begin with a welcoming massage, a tailored cleansing ritual and expert advise.


Perfect Introdutory Facial                     £28.00          

Is suitable for all skin types, leaving your complexion fresh and glowing with radiance.



Heart of the Ocean Facial                     £45.00

     Course of 3    £125.00

This treatment can be personalized to correct any skin concerns including normal,dehydrated,sensitive,dry,very dry,oily & combination. Serum packed with active marine ingredients or a mask of pure seaweed,which is known for its beauty-enhancing properties. Restore skin to its natural beauty.




Thalgo offers different Facials dor Anti-Ageing Concerns


Collagen Radiance Facial                     £48.00

      Course of 3  £130.00

 A fabulous skin collagen boost that corrects the signs of early ageing, an ideal introduction to caring for the skin, leaving your face pump and glowing. 



Hyaluronic smooth and Fill Facial              £55.00

      Course of 3  £147.00

Enjoy the optimum results of the active ingredients used in this facial. The smoothing and filling products include a intense exfoliation that lifts the features and helps the skin to drink all the Hyaluronic Acid. Next the mask smooths the skin, leaving your complexion glowing.


Silicium Super Lift Facial                            £60.00

      Course of  3  £164.00

Relax and let yourself be immersed during this lifting facial which is design to adapted to your skin type. Your skin is intensely exfoliated and smoothed to optimise the penetration of anti-ageing ingredients. After just one treatment lines will be less noticeable and your complexion will be glowing. 


Ultimate Time Solution Facial                     £80.00

This ultimate facial that combats signs of ageing, combined with specific products that contain powerful active ingredients to reshape facial contours.The skin is left visibly smoother, brighter and nourished. 


Mens Facial


Ocean Facial                          £40.00

This is a high-tech relaxing facial, that combines energizing marine active ingredients with a soothing massage movement to ensure exceptional results.Included in this luxury men`s treatment is a shoulder,neck and scalp massage that relieves any remaining tension.         






Crystal Clear Deluxe



Course of  3 £168


An anti-ageing process which stimulates collagen and skin cell production,it's a gentle exfoliant works deep into the  skin surfacing,it improves a wide variety of skin condition such as:


.Dull skin

.Congested Skin

.Fine Lines & Wrinkles


The end result is beautiful hydrated and refreshed  skin,that leaves you with a positively glowing complexion!


1hr and 15mins                                     £62.00

 Course of £168.00






 A permanent method of hair removal using a extremely fine needle which inverted into the hair follicle and a electrical current applied heat to the leaving cell and blood supply that feed the hair which destroy it,although not completely painless this all occurs in second.best in small area lip and chin


10mins                   £12.00

20mins                   £17.00




Advanced  Cosmetic Electrolysis



Facial Thread Veins - broken capillaries commonly found around the nose and on the cheeks

Skin Tags - small flaps or excess skin commonly found on the ,neck,underarm and areas of friction

Milia - tiny white spots or lumps containing keratin,which lie under the surface of the skin.

Warts - Various types such as plain,common,seborrhoeic and verruca

Some blemishes may require a GP's written consent prior to treatment. 

 A sterile needle is use with a short wave electrical current heat to cauterise the blood supply this cause no damage to the surrounding skin


Red Vein                          from                  £18.00

Milia                                 from                  £13.00

Skin tag  or Wart              from                  £15.00


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